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Photo productive services provided by MaaIlmasta Oy


The company has won the third prize at the Central Finland Innofinland 2011 competition.


Aerial photography

For example, the UAV aircraft can simultaneously transport several high-resolution video cameras. This way, oblique, elevation and other desired perspectives can be recorded during the same flight.

AeroTekniikka is able to quickly provide affordable HD quality video images (in under 2 hours) and still images for media use (e.g. local newspapers and national news broadcasts).

Searching, monitoring and supervision

The system can also be adapted to tasks in which it is necessary to move quickly along with a changing situation. From the ground station it is possible to share aircraft real-time video with others, e.g. exceptional arrangements for direction of traffic at an accident site, recognising risks and the perception of dangerous areas and anticipating dangerous situations at the site.


The aircraft also offer a base for diversified research. Examples are aerosol research and the monitoring of crops growth.

Maintenance and spare parts

Spare parts for the aircraft are delivered straight from the factory line. The craft are a Finnish product, so both maintenance and upkeep services are fast to provide..


AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd also carries out training in the control of UAV-aircraft in cooperation with the Tikkakoski aviation Upper secondary school. Students are familiarised with the versatile possibilities of unmanned aviation. The operative use of the (S-101 and M-102) system is also one of the training's targets.

The training for entrepreneurs is separate and is meant directly for purchasers of the system with content tailored to need (Become an Entrepreneur section).

AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd