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The company has won the third prize at the Central Finland Innofinland 2011 competition.


Did you ever dream of a career in flying? Now it's possible as the captain of an unmanned aircraft! We offer you a ready concept as a provider of UAV services. Via AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd you participate in a service network in which we provide versatile information in a target group -oriented manner.

Customers could be private individuals who need traditional aerial photography for different reasons, e.g. property aerial photography, field growth situations, celebrations etc.

As to companies, the usual need is related to aerial photography of recreational areas and security support tasks. Also, the media and other public authorities involved in operations are potentially in need of the services.


We are determinedly looking for other growing markets applicable to aviation. In the future new kinds of solutions to share diversified information and advertise will be developed.

Your operations in the AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd network in a nutshell

Your task is to carry out diverse flight tasks with a UAV aircraft. 70% of sales revenue from your aerial images and other information is yours. AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd will supply you with a ready airframe and its control systems and familiarise you on how to control the system. The training will be carried out in the
Jyväskylä area. You will also receive your own Aerotekniikka regional web pages to support marketing and sales.

The entrepreneur package includes:

  • two UAV aircrafts (big and small) and ground station ready to use.
  • ready earnings logic for the entrepreneur who is just starting out.
  • training in how to use the system (also includes simulations and system support).
  • the entrepreneur is free to use the company's web pages and other information when marketing its
  • production in Finland guarantees fast and reliable delivery of spare parts.
  • the opportunity to update new electronic applications in the system in the future..

AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd