AeroTekniikka UAV Oy


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Photo productive services provided by MaaIlmasta Oy


The company has won the third prize at the Central Finland Innofinland 2011 competition.


The AeroTekniikka aircraft has no pilot, rather it is controlled from the ground. As such there is no need to
risk crew safety and it is possible to fly in very demanding conditions. The aircraft can be launched from a
car park, for example, as it doesn't need an airport. By taking advantage of the aircraft's steady slow flight
properties, the moving picture is steady and offers the opportunity to find new details and perspectives,
even in familiar places.

Compared to its predecessors, the new utility aircraft range is more ecological and economical. There is
no need to consider difficult oil and fuel usage with the fully electronic system.

The aircraft is also very quiet, so it does not disturb nature or public events while shooting pictures.

AeroTekniikka UAV Ltd