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The company has won the third prize at the Central Finland Innofinland 2011 competition.


The AeroTekniikka aircraft has no pilot, rather it is controlled from the ground. As such there is no need to risk crew safety and it is possible to fly in very demanding conditions.

The airframe's light, flexible material and technical implementation also add safety at takeoff and landing. There are no sharp or cutting surfaces in the airframe as there usually are. The use of composites and other hard materials in structures is well designed. Also the craft's own small mass (<3kg) prevents serious damage during collision.

The use of electricity as a source of energy also guarantees reliable performance in demanding conditions such as in harshly cold or varying temperatures.

All systems are electronically operated. There is no need to worry about the problems related to the use, storage or transportation of combustible liquids. Electricity is also an ecological and quiet way of operating in areas which require unconditional cleanliness.

Our company also offers training in how to use the UAV system. The content of the training can be tailored to suit specific customers, if necessary. The aim is to create a starting situation which emphasises safety and control for the aircraft entrepreneur.

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